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Joomla CMS Admin Content Access Rrestriction by Author. Joomla Access Rrestriction
Joomla Content Access Restriction by Author
Content Management System Overview

Joomla CMS Content Access Restriction by Author

How to Create Joomla Content Access Restriction?

If you have website and:
You have many authors assigned to different articles.
You would like to restrict access to other author's articles.

Submitted by Olga Shuvalova.
Cопоставлять для коментирования надо только следующие строки:

//Надо закомментировать строки 181,182,183
// if ( $filter_authorid > 0 ) {
// $where[] = "c.created_by = " . (int) $filter_authorid;
//$cid = josGetArrayInts( 'cid' );
После закоментированных строк надо вставить фрагмент:
if($_SESSION['session_usertype']=="Super Administrator")
if ( $filter_authorid > 0 ) {
$where[] = "c.created_by = " . (int) $filter_authorid;
$where[] = "c.created_by = " . (int) $cid;

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