Online Marketing with Social Networking Sites

Marketing and Website Promotion with Social Networking Sites 

Online Marketing and SEO tools and recourses that help you promote site on YouTube, WordPress, Facebook, MySpace, and any other Social Networking Sites.

How to select proper keyword and key phrases for you site?
1) take educated guess
2) use professionals for help
3) use keyword (terms, key phrase, tag, label, title) tools

Use professional’s advice and tools and do not waste company recourse without planning our online marketing campaign.

Set goals: long term, short term, targeted audience, company services we plan to promote.
Create list of: social networks we plan to use and person who responsible to move it forward on daily basis.

Online Promotion Stages.
It is almost impossible to promote all of our company services at once and by using one media or/and online promotional resource.

First we need to describe our services, targeted audience (demographic and geographic) and online marketing goals.

Do we have a budget?

What are the services that we want to promote?

List of provided services we plan to promote:

What are our targeted online marketing areas?

Ex. TV Station in Syracuse  TV Station in CNY  TV Station in NY  TV Station in USA and the final TV Station…

Our targeted areas are: Syracuse, Watertown, Utica…., CNY, New York…


What is the goal for promotional campaign?

1) We want to show up #1 on Google, Yahoo, MSN (and others), for term “online classic radio” and on first page for term “online radio”.

2) We want to show on first page on Google for term “online classic radio” and on first page for term “online radio”.

List of the marketing goals:


Long term promotion goals:


What are the Social Networks Web Site we are willing to use?   – responsible person/s is/are –  – responsible person/s is/are –  – responsible person/s is/are – – responsible person/s is/are –  – responsible person/s is/are

List others…

Since all SN web sites require creating user account with description, each video we upload associated with channels, tags and description…and so on… we need to:

Select list of keywords, key phrases, tags, titles we might use:

Select list of description associated for each video related to video content and key parses above:


We need to be consistent and fill out all optional features properly other wise it will slow down process of promotion and might end up with no results.

Snippet – is a combination of Meta description, title and some part of the page content.
Most Search Engines read title (tag, label, and key phrase) and show results in order of web page ranking, web content relevancy to search term entered by searchers.

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