Web Site Clients and Online Projects

Web Development, Web Design, Online Database Projects and Google Map Api Development Projects. For Latest Projects information please send me email with your phone number I will update this page soon, just moved from my old Joomla 1.5 site which was not updated in last 5-9 years. Same apply for the projects list they are… Continue reading Web Site Clients and Online Projects

Web Development Workflow

Planning your website To plan and organize your site effectively, you must do much more than determine what the site will look like and where the files will go. You need to examine the site goals and audience profiles. Additionally, you should consider your site’s navigation scheme. Careful planning before you begin site development will… Continue reading Web Development Workflow

Link Post

With this specific type of a content advertising gaining all of the traction throughout 2016, we’ve decided that making sure to do an analysis of this trend is our solemn duty.

Quote Post

In the today’s reality of the programmatic advertising, there’s this small crowd called the influencers. Basically, those are the people whom companies turn to for a so-called native, or even an out…

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