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With 2017 bidding us all a farewell soon, we guess that the time is right for us to see what next year of 2018 has in store for us, marketing-wise.

And while this year has brought a lot of awesome marketing trends to life during its run, such as the 360 videos, the first cases for VR advertising, the programmatic ads market and so on, we are quite positive that in 2017 there’s so much more to follow.

As an example of how optimistic all of us here are about the marketing prospects the next year, let’s see if we can actually count at least 17 new trends for ’17…

Influencer Marketing

This is what you turn to if you’re not interested in working with a traditional ads format, right? As an example of a native advertising of a kine, this type of commercial message delivery works awesome for the 18-35 demo.


Yeah, we know what you’re gonna say…

While this specific type of a Social Media activity (specifically if we talk about Facebook) is not for every other business, on par with FB introducing the audio broadcast on par with the video streaming, it can provide you with lots of creative ambient advertising options.


If either part of your business is an online one and if your customers need or might like some kind of an informative, newsletter-y content from you, the new chatbots thing is definitely a way to go. Just see how the media organizations follow it!

Mobile First Strategy

Finally, after years of rapid and impressive growth, these days (at least in the US and Canada), more than a half of all web traffic comes from the mobile.