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In order to be successful on the Internet, you must submit your websites to the top search engines and directories. If you are doing nothing else, search engine placement and keyword-related advertising can make up 80 to 90 percent of your traffic.

Submitting to 1000’s of “search engines” is not the way to get your website out there. Less than 100 websites receive 99% of the search traffic. The other thousand are harvesters of email addresses and use their submissions to find prospects for spam.

We have chosen the top 66 search engines in order to achieve maximum results. When you submit to these 66 search engines, search results will show up in hundreds of other engines. For instance, Google powers the AOL and many other search engines. Search listings in Google will show up in Yahoo as well. Why would you pay $299 to Yahoo when you can get listed in their directory by submitting to Google?

The Value of PageRank

PR = PageRank
SERP = search engine results page
SEO = Search Engine Optimization
SEOs = Search Engine Optimization Professionals

Google SEO


Most SEOs and analysts agree that PageRank (PR) toolbar is at most a rough indication of true PR and most assume that the Google is dependent on external links. This is a carryover from the past when PR was either totally or almost totally dependent on linking. AS SEOs and webmasters become aware that linking does not equate to high or higher PR they conclude that PR no longer has any value.

    • MSN probably places the least emphasis and is actively striving to improve search results based on semantics, content and other non-link factors.
    • Yahoo appears undecided and in an identity crisis resulting in erratic SERPs.
    • Google still places significant value on linking, but in an effort to eliminate artificial linking, Google has shifted focus from the link itself to a host of factors associated with linking.

I frequently read posts at various forums lamenting the loss of PageRank during Google PR updates. Most often webmasters and SEOs attribute the loss of PR to insufficient linking.

A Typical Responses

While useful content is good to have and much better for your users, there is not denying that the big three search engines all place significant weight on the number of links pointing to your site in their ranking algo’s. PR, while visually appealing, really has nothing to do with the way you rank. Most of the people who have posted in this thread so far have been spot on.

How Much Value Do Search Engines Place on Links?