Using MySpace To Promote Your Business

Using MySpace To Promote Your Business

by OmaroAiloch

Date Submitted: 8/15/2008

While the MySpace social networking website is predominantly seen as being a music related site, it can be used for much more.

While the MySpace social networking website is predominantly seen as being a music related site, it can be used for much more. Integrated into your online marketing mix, and treated properly, it can  form a good basis for Social Media Optimization and for Search Engine Optimization. Certain social networking sites, including MySpace, naturally receive a lot of weight from search engines. As such, a link to your own web pages from MySpace pages can giver search engine rankings a boost. However, perhaps the biggest benefit of using MySpace is the ability to network with people that are naturally inclined to use the service you offer or buy the product you provide.

Be Ethical

Possibly the biggest tip you will ever get on using MySpace positively is to avoid spamming other users. Always use ethical means and ensure that you establish a MySpace page that offers genuine value to somebody other than yourself. MySpace spam is a fairly big and extremely annoying problem – if you are seen to be a perpetrator of this annoyance then you won’t be promoting your business or website in a positive light and you will actively deter new leads.

Joining Relevant MySpace Groups

MySpace offers a number of Groups, and many of these groups are business related. The forums are an online community where members can get together and discuss related topics that interest all members. Spam is often found and deleted, anyway, but you can still promote your own service as long as it is done ethically and properly. Signature links are the most common method – a method that has been employed in forum advertising and more recently blog advertising for some time. Post relevant comments, useful tips, and answer people’s questions with a conclusive response – other members of the community will be inclined to read your post and click your signature link.

Create A Powerful Profile Page

Ensure that your profile is easy to read, includes relevant links to your website (but not an over abundance of them), and offers genuine information. It’s perfectly acceptable to include information pertaining to your business and your website in your profile page. Members of your new MySpace network will click on your username and view your profile page. This provides you with the opportunity to sell your services in a positive light.

Add Media Regularly

If you sell products, write articles, or create video content or music, then your MySpace page can include any and all of these. Adding media and links to related pages is essentially what MySpace is about and what it is most widely used for. Create your page, invite others to visit it and join your network of friends. This allows you to keep in regular communication with those people.

Make MySpace Work For You

Post frequently to your MySpace blog and keep your page content fresh and updated. However, don’t get carried away – friends may unsubscribe if they believe that you are only in it to promote your website. The real key to MySpace success is that you have to be interested in joining the MySpace community and become an active part of it. Never spam, because it will be detrimental to the overall view of your website and it may get you banned.