ionCube Inatallation

How to isntall ionCube?
Installation of ionCube PHP Loader

1. Verify the type of server being used, for example: Linux x86_64

2. If there is an existing Ioncube folder and the site is not working, might as well delete the existing ones and re-upload/extract the new ioncube files.

3. Now depending on the application, the following steps will vary.

4. Have an ioncube folder (with all ioncube files) located out of the public_html folder (example: home/username/ioncube)

5. Modify the php.ini file to have the following lines (below the [ZEND] line and above any other zend commands):

6. Copy all of the php.ini files to all sub-folders (search the FAQ of how to do this, quickly and easily).

7. Run a test, if the test fails, continue with below.

8. Copy the ioncube folder into the root of the site being used.

(Example: home/username/public_html/ioncube)

9. Modify the php.ini file with the following changes to the path:

10. Copy the php.ini file to all sub-folders.

11. Conduct a test, the test should succeed.

More info: