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Embed Interactive Area Map
Interactive Area Maps Embed to Website
Google Map
Written by Nikolay Gul   

Interactive Area Maps Based on Google Map API, Yahoo map API and Flash Stand alone area maps.

For more sample of Google Map API embedded to website and to google map tutorials visit: How to embed Google Map to your site?

Embedding a map into a website or blog

map info box options

New York State's Contemporary Canal System Educator's Guide interactive Area Map with Directions - created for WCNY

Preview Canal System Map

Preview example with multiple tabs. If you zoom very close to first marker above WCNY we will see – info box with several tabs
Also it show how markers and polylines might be used. It is possible to write and draw any letters and shapes on Google map. Google map developer might use static or animated images such as jpg,png,and gif as map markers

google map with flash video palayer embedded

Preview Google map with custom flash video player embedded inside map info box here

Sample for Yahoo Map API embedded to website

Sample for Yahoo Map API embedded to web site preview here

map info box options

Downtown Syracuse Map preview it here

Connective Corridor on Syracuse NY The Connective Corridor in Syracuse Interactive Map preview it here
Connective Corridor on Syracuse NY

Cleveland City Living - Interactive Map preview here

purdue university map

Purdue University Campus Map preview here

odessa city interactive map Odessa City interactive map:
Flash map, Java map online panorama overview
New Mexico Stories interactive map

New Mexico Stories Interactive Map.
A community site that encourages residents and New Mexico visitors to share their stories and experiences in the state. Some of the photographs and images that appear are from museums and cultural institutions. Preview map here

Google My Maps Mashup: DC Taxi Zones

Google My Maps Mashup: DC Taxi Zones: view here

US Presidents and their spouse(s) - Their Birth Places on Google Maps

US Presidents and their spouse(s) - Their Birth Places on Google Maps.

For history buffs and school kids, a mashup showing where presidents/first ladies were born. From George Washington through Barack Obama.

Preview birth places map here

MyMaps GeometryControls Example Google Maps:
My Maps Geometry Controls Example
preview here.
  How was Build NY Subway System Online Interactive Map find our here


Examples of using Google Maps - Google Maps Mashups

Google Maps API Examples and Test Pages

Hiding Google Map controls when not needed

Simple custom marker

Official Google Maps API Demo Gallery

Customizing GMaps

Google Maps API Examples

Overlaying Images on the Map

MCslp Map Works

Mouseover tooltip

Mouseover tooltip 2

Detailed Google Map Zoom

Map explorer with scroll- down selection.

Google map API:

Google Maps API Reference

Google code map examples


Google map custom icons

Polyline Utility

Ground overlay sample

Advanced Map Overlay

Google Map Tools and Google map Tutorials.

If you looking for custom marker for your Google Map use Marker Icon Options:



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