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Embedding Flash video into a web page.
How to create flash video player with XML playlist?

On this page you will find information and tutorial on how to create your own flash video player.
You have two options when you insert and display an FLV file in your HTML documents using the Flash video component:
* Progressive download video: If you choose this video type, the video is downloaded to the user’s hard drive and starts playing before it fully downloads.

The video is downloaded from beginning to end, unless the user closes the connection before the download is complete. The user must have Adobe Flash Player 6 r65 (or later) installed to see videos encoded with Sorensen Spark (included with Flash MX Professional 2004 or later). The user must have Flash Player 8 or later installed to see videos encoded with the On2 VP6 codec (included with Flash 8 or later).

For more information on which versions of Flash Player work with the different video codecs, search “on2 VP6 video codec”(include the quotes) in Flash CS3 Professional Help (press F1). If you don’t have a copy of Flash, search the Flash LiveDocs.

Note: The FLV video included with the article source files uses the Sorenson Spark codec and can be viewed with Flash Player 6 r65 or later.
* Streaming video: If you choose this option, the video starts playing after a short buffer period, when a small amount of data downloads to the computer to ensure smooth playback. You must have Adobe Flash Media Server or a Flash Video Streaming Service available if you select this option. The user must have Flash Player 6 (or later) installed to see your video, too.

Note: For more information on using video on the web, see the Flash video learning guide.

Soon I will add more…for now just enjoy the music.