Promotion videos with YouTube - getting more hits

SEO: youtube videos – getting more hits.

Want your video to get noticed on youtube? think you deserve more comments than the views you’re getting? one way is to produce a better quality, higher standard of content clip.. but if it is good, and even if it isn’t, everyone deserves to get the exposure, cause feedback is great. And we all want kind words and good advice from our peers.

Youtube has some good stuff on it, but its buried and many of the best stuff gets lost because people aren’t filling their details with all the correct words that allows people to find it. I’ve decided to write a little guide on how to get more hits to your youtube movies. enjoy. (I’m a web designer, I know this stuff)


The title of the movie should be the most common search term eg: the combination of words that most people are likely to type in to the search box.

The description box should also contain this common string of words. Plus other text if you wish.

The tags should contain all the variations of likely typed search words in order. this is important!

for example: if I had a tricking video showing people how to do a gainer. I need to make sure as many people can find it.

To do this you need to understand how search engines work. They track, store and deliver words based the order that people string words together in real life. People generally think and type in the order that they speak: ‘How to do a gainer’ ‘I want to learn how to do a gainer’ ‘best tips to land a gainer’ ‘how do I learn a forwards backflip’.

With this in mind, this is the basis for completing all the input boxes on youtube.

First the title: “how to do a gainer tutorial”
This starts with ‘how to do a’… very common search term for anything.. ‘gainer’ a very specific search term for a trick… and lastly ‘tutorial’ because i’m guessing more people think speak and type ‘gainer tutorial’ than ‘tutorial gainer’ …. therefore the word ‘tutorial’ must be last. Sure some people won’t use this natural order of words, but I’m guessing most will. Next…

The description area:
‘How to do a gainer? Gainer tutorial, learning a gainer, what is a gainer? how do I learn a forwards backflip?’

This area needs to display all the various combinations of what people would type. Without this, your clip wouldn’t stand a chance of being found frequently. You can also throw in any other text in this section to describe the clip. But focus on popular search terms first. You could put them last, but that isn’t logical if you want things to be found first.

next the tags:
‘howto best tips learning gainer tutorial forwards backflip’

Tags have no order right? wrong, they work just like the search strings, a logical natural order based on what humans commonly type. In my example, I’ve dropped the words ‘how’ & ‘to’ for ‘howto’ its a gamble but a specific one, tagging them as 2 separate words is natural, but you may also run into zillions of clips that also just have the random words ‘how’ & ‘to’ in there, not good. So joining them to ‘howto’ specifies them that I want to learn something. Like wise I’ve also dropped all the other non specific words to eliminate pointless results. Also don’t go crazy adding loads of tags, it actually confuses the Youtube system, rather than speed it up.

Here’s another eg for you:

I say ‘nikon coolpix S7c camera’.. so that’s the most likely search string order for people to find the product… if I type ‘camera S7c coolpix nikon’, its an unlikely order of words, because we don’t see them printed or publicised in that order, so typing them in that order would be even more unlikely… therefore I would miss most of the audience that were looking for it.

Now with this knowledge, you can actually focus on typing the ‘wrong’ ordered search terms into youtube and getting back a whole bunch of clips that normally wouldn’t be so easily found.